Symphonix - Time To Punk Remixed

Beatport | Psyshop | Spotify | Blue Tunes Records | 07.08.2014


01. Hit & Run (Ticon Remix)
02. Time Of Punk (Coming Soon Remix)
03. Poker Face (Class A Remix)
04. 7am (Astrix Remix)
05. Hit & Run (Interactive Noise Remix)
06. Time Of Punk (Protonica Remix)
07. Sick (Tezla Remix)
08. Like It (Kopel Remix)
09. Hit & Run (Weekend Heroes Remix)



And the punk goes on: A party-hungry producer crowd has gathered to celebrate the successful last Symphonix album - with an intriguing series of remixes. Time To Punk Remixed is a cross section through the creative potential... read more