Protonica - Upstream Remixes

CD | AP Records | 27.09.2008


01. Upstream (Progenitor Remix)
02. Upstream (Synaptic Remix)
03. Upstream (Sonic Species Remix)
04. Upstream (Alchemix Remix)
05. Upstream (Wyl E Peyote Remix)
06. Upstream (Solar Sound Network Remix)
07. Upstream (Psyborg Remix)
08. Upstream (Paulina Cewe Remix)



Protonica was born when Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze aka Ralle aus Halle started producing together in 2004. Their creative joint venture culminated in the creation of 'Orion Sleepers' which saw release on AP Records in 2006. This first outing... read more